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International Services

Starting up a new business or subsidiary outside your home territory is never easy. The differences in law, markets, employee conditions, currency, practices are all strange.

However the opportunities are outstanding. The EU is the largest single market in the world, with more than 480 million people. So how do you tap into this market without an enormous investment?

IncWise has the answer to achieving this breakthrough.

The UK provides a great entry point, with some of the lowest tax rates and lightest regulation in the zone. And the UK does not require you to live there to own a registered company. Unlike many countries, you do not even have to have a local director on the board.

We provide a specially modified version of our unique StartNewBusiness package, individually tailored for your business, whatever its size. Packed with essential services, we help you to bring your business to the UK with the minimum of effort. You can even avoid renting expensive premises.

We believe it is quite simply the best way for your business to gain entry to this huge market. Click here to see what the StartNewBusiness package can offer you.